Should you join a fraternity or sorority?

At many schools, it may seem that the exciting action is all taking place in fraternities or sororities. And, believe me, these clubs go to a lot of trouble to make non-members feel excluded. The phrase PDI, meaning “pretty damn independent” was maliciously coined by fraternity brothers to describe students who decline to play theContinue reading “Should you join a fraternity or sorority?”

What to Do If You End Up On Probation

No one goes to college hoping to get put on academic probation.  However, many students, especially freshmen, find it difficult to deal with the freedom that college life affords. It can be easy to oversleep and miss a few classes. A few missed classes turn into some bad grades on tests and papers. Before theyContinue reading “What to Do If You End Up On Probation”

How to Dress For College

If you are going back to college after the summer break, or if you are starting college, you have probably thought about your wardrobe. After all, when you are young and beautiful, it is natural to want to dress beautifully and in a way that expresses your personality. Casual wear is a college student’s inalienableContinue reading “How to Dress For College”

Avoid Common College Pitfalls

Why do so many university freshmen flunk out their first year? Here are the most common pitfalls Here’s a story about two students. Their names have been changed to protect the guilty. Jim’s story Jim graduated from high school with decent grades and earned a state scholarship to Georgia Southern University. His proud father boughtContinue reading “Avoid Common College Pitfalls”