Should you join a fraternity or sorority?

At many schools, it may seem that the exciting action is all taking place in fraternities or sororities. And, believe me, these clubs go to a lot of trouble to make non-members feel excluded. The phrase PDI, meaning “pretty damn independent” was maliciously coined by fraternity brothers to describe students who decline to play theContinue reading “Should you join a fraternity or sorority?”

Advice for Nonprofits on Events and Marketing

The current decade has been rough on many non-profit organizations around the world. Job losses and declines in many business sectors mean there are fewer donations and fewer volunteers.  Not only that, but non-profits stage events, called fundraisers, to raise money for their projects. It has become increasingly difficult to hold events like these. InContinue reading “Advice for Nonprofits on Events and Marketing”

Disability Is Just a Word

Should you Go On Disability Benefits?  There are both pros and cons to filing As we age, many of us develop chronic health issues. Kidney failure, obesity, asthma, and arterial plaque build up are but a few of the problems. These health issues can crop up at any time, but they are more likely toContinue reading “Disability Is Just a Word”