Should You Marry Your College Sweetheart Before Graduation?

Consider both the pros and cons of marrying in your early twenties College presents many opportunities. As a college student, you may likely network with your future business associates, friends, future employers, and future employees.  Perhaps most importantly, you may meet the person you will marry in college. People who attend college are much moreContinue reading “Should You Marry Your College Sweetheart Before Graduation?”

Advice for Nonprofits on Events and Marketing

The current decade has been rough on many non-profit organizations around the world. Job losses and declines in many business sectors mean there are fewer donations and fewer volunteers.  Not only that, but non-profits stage events, called fundraisers, to raise money for their projects. It has become increasingly difficult to hold events like these. InContinue reading “Advice for Nonprofits on Events and Marketing”